High performance record cleaning machine


The new REKKORD RCM is a high-performance record cleaning machine with an ultra-powerful vacuum motor and cleaning efficiency that far exceeds the typical performance characteristics of other cleaners in this price-range. To effectively clean the grooves, you need to wet clean the record. The REKKORD RCM completely cleans records in two rotations with its super powerful vacuum motor. The very best results are achieved with one rotation forward followed by one backwards. To achieve the perfect cleaning, we also need a suitable cleaning fluid. Alcoholic cleaning fluids can destroy musical micro information of the grooves. That‘s the reason why we use an eco-friendly non-alcoholic cleaning fluid. The aluminium surface is able to withstand excessive fluid spill without compromising the chassis. The REKKORD RCM is made in Europe with high quality materials and an excellent build-quality.

Technical Specifications

Wide x Height x Depth: 418 x 269 x 328 mm
Weight: 5,4 kg
Cleaning speed: 30 RPM
Brush, Vacuum Arm, Self-Adhesive Arm Strip, Aluminium Puck, Cleaning Fluid (100ml), Power cable
Voltage: 110/120 or 230/240 Volt
50 or 60 Hz
Power consumption: 230V/800W, 120V/650W

RCM – The Review Smiths

" If you’re serious about looking after your vinyl and getting the most out of it, this is an essential piece of kit, thoroughly recommended."